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 | "At the top" - Burj Khalifa

From the top of the 124th floor of Dubai's Khalifa Tower, the world of OktoEcho unfolds in a unique panorama signed by Katia Makdissi-Warren, composer and artistic director of the group. Nine musical pieces bathe the exhibition halls and other places of the tour. Elevator music has never been more inventive and intoxicating!

To find a happy musical mixture: the nuances of the Arabian Nights amalgamate with the colors of the West. 22 Arab and Western instruments are found in all conviviality. No less than 35 minutes of music in summer delivered in just 3 weeks. A real sprint of creativity! High aerobatics, both lyrical and playful!

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 Composition, orchestration & artistic direction : Katia Makdissi-Warren

 Co-produced by Katia Makdissi-Warren et Paul Baraka  Mix, mastering, & writing credits for the “Elevator up” track : Paul Baraka 

 Sound engineer : Anne-Marie Sylvestre, Pierre-Philippe Boulay  Voice & oud : Ismail Hakki Fencioglu  Nay : Ralda Salem 

 Qanun: Maguy Makhoul  Flte: Marie-Hélène Breault  Oboe: Mélanie Harel  Clarinet: Guillaume Bourque  Bassoon: Françoise Henri  Horn : Morgan Gregory  Trumpet : Alexis Basque  Trombone: Hugo Bégin  Tuba: Philippe Legault 

 Percussions : Patrick Graham, Bertil Schulrabe et Firas Haddad  Piano: Marianne Trudel 

• Violins: Alexandre Duguay et Valérie Belzile  Alto: Frédéric Lambert  Cello : Dominique Painchaud 

 Double bass : Nicolas Lessard  Music production manager : Alexandre Duguay  Thank you to Rafic Mansour, Myriam Brahimcha 

• Recorded at Studio Mixart  Mix & mastering studio : Vision Mantra


•, Québécois à Dubaï, 14 janvier 2010

• Emirates 24/7, Burj Khalifa presents a breathtaking view from the very pinnacle of this world, 5 janvier 2010

•, At the Top, Burj Dubai opens to the public on January 5, 4 janvier 2010

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