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Les Grands Espaces

I imagined this music especially for you, the youth, and I give it to you as an invitation to bring you into a vast expanse. Everyone in Canada knows the great plains, the lived-in mountains, the immense lakes, the river, the sea…But in the North, there are also ice fields as far as the eye can see, which you will discover with me.

For the past few years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with inuit throat singers, who have become a great source of inspiration. Nature and lullabies permeate almost all inuit music. You can therefore notice in this spacious music an echo of the lullabies of my inuit friends blending with the wind, the rain, the clucking of geese and the hooting of owls. Let yourself be transported into faraway lands of ice and wind!”


School project initiated by the SMCQ (Société de Musique Contemporaine du Québec) in collaboration with Oktoecho.


The SMCQ has commissioned a choral work from Katia Makdissi-Warren for the Québec schools. The composer has taken the opportunity to write a musical work inspired by inuit throat singing, so she can share the love she holds for this culture with the youth at large.

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Similar to inuit throat singing, “Les Grands Espaces” imitates nature. It is a playful piece that stimulate creation, while simultaneously learning about inuit throat singing.

When possible, this work is performed with inuit throat singers. If this is not possible, the work lends itself well to being sung by a choir without the throat singers.

It is also possible to perform it live during a concert or an event, to introduce people to inuit culture.

What the young ones think

« Thank you so much for this fabulous project thaMerci beaucoup pour ce fabuleux projet qui m’inspire à tous les jours et qui me rend heureuse et joyeuse. » — Chloé

« Le son de votre musique mamène dans un monde mentale qui me fait ouvrir les yeux, et me fait d’étourner le dos vers mon destin alors merci pour redonner le goût d’affronter la vie. » — Charli

« J’adore votre façon de faire la musique parce que elle est douce et joyeuse. ça me touche vraiment et j’aime la chanter. » — Anthony

« Bonjour tout le monde!

Merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous avez fait pour nous! J’ai adoré découvrir la musique des différentes cultures d’une façon si cool! » — Jo

« J’aime la musique que vous composer. Quand j’entends votre musique j’ai envie de la reécouter à l’infinie tellement que je l’aime. Merci de m’avoir fait découvrir votre musique extraordinaire. » — Esteban


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